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We are experts at creating applications that need to provide fast access to large quantities of data. Qanvas, our form creation and data collection software, provides you with the tools you need to capture data on-the-go, using any mobile device.

Qanvas is flexible enough for use across a wide range of business sectors, and can be easily customized to meet your specific data requirements.

Qanvas offers design, record and share platforms to build and design forms

Qanvas offers "design, collect and share" environments, each offering unique qualities. Intuitive drag-and-drop features built into our forms designer allow you to adapt your forms to your business needs. Your custom-built forms are compatible with any mobile device and work off-line to enable you to capture any data on the go whilst our web-based share centre allows you to house and distribute your forms to your colleagues or clients.

Qanvas key features

Flexible licencing control

Our licencing models ensure you only pay for what you need, with no large development or project overheads commonly associated with development

Cloud based solution

Fully managed service removes the cost and hassle of on site infrastructure whilst ensuring a fast and highly available solution

Simple user interface

In-app training facilities allow new users to familiarise themselves with the solution, simplifying rollout even in large scale operations

User configurable templates

Let your data collection adapt to your needs without the cost and delay of further app development, all while retaining historical datasets in a compatible form

Compatible across any mobile devices

Any phone, tablet or mobile computer, iOS or Android, can be paired to your Qanvas solution with configurable safeguards such as two factor authentication

Empower your business with Qanvas

Capture critical data and ensure compliance, accuracy and reliability whilst minimising administrative burden