Our business solutions have been developed in close conjunction with our clients, to ensure that they are fine-tuned to the needs of each business. The result is a portfolio that is comprehensive yet flexible; new clients tend to find that we can meet 90% of their requirements out-of-the-box. For the remaining 10%, we work closely with business requirements owners to ensure that we deliver exactly what's required.

Our Healthcare Solutions team has been providing pioneering hospital management systems since 1988 with Nexus systems being available from a single department to a country-wide, fully integrated, solution.

The Nexus Healthcare Solutions consist of a number of interlocking systems and modules which can be implemented over time to suit each hospital, can function as a stand-alone applications but can also be easily integrated into individual hospital's system.

This approach means that the implementation of our systems will have the minimal disruption to hospital processes thus increasing considerable staff and administration management and financial benefits.

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Our specialist Bar Coding & RFID Division provides and supports solutions for virtually any automated identification requirement.

Covering every industry, our barcode data collection projects include field sales, maintenenace management, warehouse control and inventory control most of which feature all aspects of barcode labelling, scanning and thermal printing.  We are experts in these fields and have the technology and products to meet not only your present needs but also those in the future.

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Newgate has a wealth of experience in the development of bespoke solutions across a number of industry sectors throughout the UK and Ireland.

We are experts at creating applications which require efficient access to large quantities of data, need unusual interface requirements, interface to custom hardware or have significant real-time performance constraints. We can help you to choose the best path for your development needs, take a flexible approach to client/server or web technology decisions and are adept at integrating with systems you are already using.

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