Our pioneering hospital management systems offer a wide range of benefits with minimal disruption to hospital processes

The Nexus healthcare suite can link multiple hospitals and maintain an Electronic Patient Record of all processes from GP Referral, through initial consultation, pre-assessment and theatre episode, to discharge.

Products within the Nexus suite can be deployed as stand-alone products, work in combination with others in the suite, or be integrated with your existing systems. Read on for more information!

Activity Board software displays Theatre avialability and patient activity throughout the patient hospital journey

See the bigger picture

Activity Board provides a visual display of theatre status, powered by information collected in Nexus Theatre. By showing the real-time status of all theatres with configurable colour coding, Activity Board highlights delays and bottlenecks, enabling corrective action to be taken. Combined with our innovative alerts system, Activity Board unlocks the next level of theatre efficiency gains.

Emergency Board software prioritises patient NCEPOD status in the emergency department

NCEPOD prioritisation

Emergency Board provides a case management tool designed for large screen display in emergency treatment situations. Configurable workflows ensure pre-requisites to surgery are completed, tracked and auditable. Automatic NCEPOD patient prioritisation and direct booking to Nexus Theatre empowers clinicians to provide the best possible care.

"Collaborating with Newgate allowed us to co-develop 'Emergency Board' that has improved the visibility of moving patients through the correct pathway and their overall quality of care. It allows us to prioritise emergency treatment scenarios but still fulfil mandatory assessments and procedures. The solution has opened opportunities to support a range of situations that we never originally anticipated at the start of the project."

Dr Ahamed Khader, Consultant Anaesthetist, Southend Hospital

Endoscope Reprocessing software captures status and location of endoscopes throughout the department

Complete endoscope traceability

Nexus ERM – Endoscope Reprocessing Module – is a dedicated software solution capturing complete traceability of the decontamination of endoscopes. Built on the foundations of Nexus Sterile Services, ERM is enhanced with the capability to manage the range of Endoscope storage and decontamination technologies, ensuring scopes are always labelled with a safe expiry time.

GS1 Clinical Systems sheds light on understanding the value of standardisation in a production environment

Lean supply of theatre demand

Newgate Technology have been incorporating GS1 standards into our Nexus suite of clinical information systems since 2006. Our extensive experience of implementing manufacturing systems in industry allows us to understand and value the potential benefits of standardisation in any production environment – from factory floor to acute hospital.

intelliTrack completes the traceability loop when equipment leaves CSSD

Close the traceability loop

IntelliTrak completes the traceability loop when equipment leaves CSSD. By tracking equipment to bar-coded stock locations, the full picture of equipment usage and availability can be used to streamline theatre supply.

Sterile Services is a tray management tool utilising real-time processes control

Total production control

Nexus Sterile Services is a comprehensive department management solution developed with 25 years of customer input. Advanced tray management tools combine with real-time process control measures to provide a powerful yet easy-to-use solution, continually enhanced to meet the next challenge in traceability and efficiency.

Theatre provides theatre availability and resources information and provides management tool and reporting

Data to drive improvement

Nexus Theatre provides high quality theatre information to support both clinical and management goals. Using intuitive touch-screen technology, accurate patient pathway information can be easily captured without additional resource, with data driving improvement programmes and ever greater efficiency.